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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is my pool water cloudy?
A.  Several things can cause a pool to lose its clarity – inadequate water circulation, chemical imbalance, poor filtration, or lack of oxidation.

Q. Can poor water chemistry damage my pool?

A. Yes! Improper water chemistry will damage your pool equipment, plumbing, and pool surface.

Q. Why does my pool have a strong chlorine smell?
A.  Most likely the cause is chlormines (mix of bacteria, ammonia, waste and chlorine) which can prove harmful to eyes and skin.

Q. Can I experiment with chemicals till I get the water quality I want?

A. NEVER experiment! Improper measuring and mixing of chemicals – whether diluted or concentrated – can create both unwanted reactions and potential health hazards. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions with special attention to safety gear, clean up and storage. 

Q. What is RWI?

A. RWI stands for recreational water illnesses that are caused by disease caring pathogens (bacteria, viruses, and prozoa)  found in water, such as pools and spas. RWI usually involves diarrhea-type illnesses, but also can cause skin rash and ear, eye or respiratory infections. Pool and spa water requires proper chemical treatment to lessen the incidence of RWI.

Q: My electrical bill is high. Can I just shorten the run time of my pump?
A: By having an inadequate amount of time the pool water will turn cloudy or worse. Instead, you may want to consider installing a variable speed pump. Pool Pump Savings Calculator  These pumps can save you up to 90% compared to your current single speed pump. Plus you can adjust the speed in which the pump runs to suit your needs thus increasing the pumps efficiency.

Q: Isn’t it easier to just take care of the pool myself?
A: Taking care of your pool yourself is always an option. Proper pool maintenance requires not only the physical labor of cleaning the pool, but also chemical levels such as; Chlorine, Alkalinity, Free Chlorine, P.H., T.D.S, and Cyanuric acid must be consistently maintained to have a safe swimming environment. In addition, we are trained to notice any changes in the performance of the pool equipment. We can then immediately troubleshoot any problems.


Contact a professional pool service technician for additional guidance on these and other pool care issues.